Power Presentation AI

A new service combining coaching and the use of an AI platform, you will learn how to develop and enhance your speaking and communication skills using the power of AI.

This exclusive platform will help you build your public speaking and presentation competency through artificial intelligence.

Have you ever felt that you're missing out on opportunities because your communication and presentation skills aren't up to scratch? 

Do you want to feel confident when you stand up in the board room, or even the Zoom room? 

Stop feeling shit. Let's give you your voice and the ability to craft and deliver messages that matter that people will actually listen to. 

What you'll get:

  • 60 minute coaching session to work through your public speaking, and presentation goals and your particular presentation; 
  • Access and use of the platform to practice your presentation and use of the artificial intelligence (AI) to perfect your talk; 
  • Feedback and coaching comments provided on the platform; 
  • 60 minute coaching session explaining feedback, and working through points to improve and perfect your public speaking or your presentation

An integrated offering to allow you to smash it! 

Let's do this!

$800.00 AUD

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