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Why am I the best speaker or facilitator for your event?

I'm passionate about educating and entertaining audiences locally, nationally and internationally. 

I want to assist you and your audiences to cut through the bullshit and be recognised as individuals who can make a real impact. I can provide you with important tips to ensure you can simplify your communications to amplify your message. I am able to assist organisations, associations and individuals with their development. 

My speaking and workshop topics are practical, useful, and provide actionable content which audiences can take with them and improve what they are doing. 

My presentations, training and workshops can be tailored to your audience’s needs.  

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Craft Messages that Matter

We have important messages to share but often we fail to articulate our words in a way that allows us to make the biggest impact. In our workplaces and in our lives, we communicate in many different forms and in many different environments. But our communication isn’t just a helpful skill, it’s an imperative tool to progressing forward. The most critical thing is being able to connect with your audience and communicate in a way that reaches them. That is understood by them. That connects with them. 
Crafting a message that is simple enough to understand, but also packs a punch is a difficult task. Our messages can make an impact. But how can those messages be heard? 
In this presentation, we work through how you can simplify your language to amplify your message. We work through my 5 'C' methodology working through (1) clarity, (2) concise, (3) creativity, (4) confidence, and (5) connection to demonstrate your awesome skills and value to those around you. 
We look at ways to gain your speaking and communicating confidence, allowing you to be recognised as someone who has important things to say and as someone with influence. This presentation looks at all of our forms of communication – beyond that of just speaking, but also written text, emails and audio/visual. This presentation will help you to cut through the shit, have your voice heard in a clear way, and allow you to make an impact. 

Turning the Technical into the Practical: Communication Success

Communication is the key to action. Almost everything we do requires some form of communication. In a professional position, being an excellent communicator means you are able to get more done and achieve outcomes. In life more generally, being able to communicate well assists with being able to progress further; getting the basic things that you need. 
Where you are not understood or where there is a gap between what you are intending to say and how it is received, there can be a significant power imbalance. There is nothing worse than the feeling like you are not understood. Particularly for those people who use technical language in our jobs, we do not want what we communicate to be “gobbledygook.” You need to cut through the bull to be heard and recognised. 
This keynote presentation aims to look at our communications – through verbal and written communication – and how it can be improved. This is a practical and fun session filled with stories, innovative additions, and key learnings. The session will provide skills and techniques for how we can convert our words into an innovative and creative format that can be understood by your intended audience. This keynote will provide the audience with the means to be considered trusted through their words and their communications and empower them to make a change and make an impact.

#SquadGoals - Collaboration for Reconnection

"Collaboration" is one of those corporate buzzwords that isn't well understood. Often, we like the idea of working together but in reality, it may simply end up being cc'ing someone into an email and considering that to be collaborative. 
In order to demonstrate your value, your contribution to customers, the organisational strategy, your group assignment (or any endeavor), and your impact, it is critical to work with others to get things done. When feeling disconnected to what you're doing, working with others in a collective way can assist with levels of engagement and bring joy back to what you're doing. 
This presentation looks at practical steps to create a collaborative environment. Through real-life examples and stories on successful ways to create collaborative environments. Real collaboration allows your voice to be heard, your input to be recognised and your ability to cut through and make a real difference. 
The presentation looks at how some simple changes to approach can lead to better and stronger working relationships based on trust and regular communication can lead to improved results and work getting done faster and better than ever before. 

Communicate for Impact 

Public speaking can be really difficult. It is the number one fear for many people. With so many individuals needing to present publicly either for a conference, an event, within their workplace, or for an assignment, you want to have the confidence and the skills to smash it! 

With conference talks, workplace presentations, and Zoom presentations becoming more prominent where you'll want to present your ideas and yourself in the best light, this training is for you! 

This workshop will assist you to gain the confidence and skills to prepare for and present on stages - in person or virtually.

This workshop will assist you to prepare for any sort of presentation that you have and will provide you with the skills to tailor your presentation to the specific audience and type of talk you need to give.

You will leave with practical skills to assist you in your presentations, communication, and materials to present, such as scripts, notes, and PowerPoint presentations.