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Who is Theo Kapodistrias?

Hi, I’m Theo! I cannot wait to help you to cut through the noise and make an impact through your communication!

I wanted to combine my experiences, the lessons learned, and hot tips and tricks into a service that could assist others. 

I'm a leading global lawyer with a background working in small businesses and retail. My experiences come from the retail, pharmacy, higher education, tourism and software environments. I've collated my experiences into my presentations and workshops. I've needed to communicate with thousands of people and each interaction has taught me something which I'd like to bring to you. 

I'm an avid lover of reality TV, listening to thrilling podcasts, spending quality time with friends, and drinking good coffee. I'd love to work with you to assist you to communicate clearly, amplify your message, and to have your voice and work recognised. As a millennial, I understand how we can often be dismissed because of our age. My presentations, workshops, and coaching can assist you to be cut through the noise, allow you to be identified as important, and grant you the opportunity to be heard. 


How we can work together

I'd love to help you craft and deliver messages that matter

I can help you and your organisation through one of the following methods

Speaking and conducting workshops for events or in-house

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One-on-one coaching services. Limited spots available.

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 Who have I worked with?

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Faten Awad, Melbourne (2020)

"I recently had the pleasure of hearing Theo speak. Given the year that was, the conference was entirely online. However, that did not sway Theo, he was engaging, inspiring, and innovative in his presentations. The range of topics he presented demonstrated his wealth of experience, dedication, and ability to juggle many roles. Despite not being able to see the audience, Theo still managed to keep us all engaged as evidence in the live chat forums in each session. It was particularly inspiring to see Theo achieve great success but also volunteer his time and effort to help others do so too. Definitely look forward to hearing him present again." 

Danielle Conlan, Kindred Life, Hobart (2021)

“I’ve had the honour of seeing Theo shine in the spotlight, as well as being the trusted advisor helping others find their stage. Theo is recognised for his broad expertise in helping individuals and groups with keynote presentations, workshops and programs on communication, connection, and personal branding. He has fast become a stalwart in the industry and has a knack for delivering content in an accessible (and often hilarious) way. As the captain of the TEDxHobart conference, Theo is a driving force behind local innovation and entrepreneurship. It is a privilege to know him as an influencer, an educator, a trailblazer and a generally top bloke. I recommend Theo most highly!"

Amanda Rahim, Governance Institute of Australia (2021)

“We engaged Theo as a virtual panellist for our online “Respect, behaviour & governance” briefing with the Governance Institute of Australia. Theo was engaging, well spoken, and provided clear understanding of industry insight into the topics. His experience and knowledge provided the perfect addition to our professional panel and Theo was very well received by our audience. I would highly recommend Theo as a professional speaker at any of our future events.”