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Want to speak up, show up, and make an impact with your voice and words as a confident communicator? 

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Speak up, Show up, Make an Impact.

I help corporates and service-based industry professionals to speak and present with control and confidence.  

I teach the art and science of presentation skills and public speaking to allow you to reach the hearts and minds of your workplace and your audience. 

If you've felt that you've been overlooked for opportunities or haven't had the confidence to speak up and share your ideas, my programs can help you.

I do this through keynotes, workshops, and my online on-demand course. 

Whether it's presenting, pitching, networking, conferences, or webinar - I'm here to support you to boost your reputation, progress in your career, and your voice to be heard.

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Speaking at conferences, events, and in your business. 

One-on-one coaching services

Online on-demand course 

Why I am the best person for you to work with?

I'd love to show you the best ways to make communicating your ideas in the workplace or to your clients a breeze. 

I've learned a thing or two about presenting complicated concepts in an easy-to-understand way as a corporate lawyer over the past ten years. On top of that, I've presented in front of audiences around the world and was named the Speaker of the Year at the 2022 International Coaches Awards. 

I've helped other people bring their ideas to life time and time again. I'm the Executive Director & Curator of TEDxHobart and even presented my own TEDx Talk at TEDxKatoomba. 

I can show you the way through my talks, workshops, coaching or even my online course. 

How we can work together

Communicate for Impact -
Online & On-Demand Course

The highly anticipated online on-demand course is available now! 

Get in and be one of the first to have access to the comprehensive and fun online program which will help you transform your public speaking, communication, and presentation skills allowing you to be viewed as a leader and gain the confidence to speak up, show up, and make an impact on any stage, in any room, or online. 

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Craft Messages That Matter

Are you or your organisation interested in improving communication, being heard, and achieving goals.

My presentations and workshops will assist you to speak up, show up and make an impact through your voice and words. 

I've developed a methodology that will assist to craft and deliver messages that matter and communicate your full potential. 

The 5 C Methodology is used within many of my programs, and has become one of my signature keynotes and workshops. Check out the free download which outlines the key points. 

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Who have I worked with?

Speaker of the Year

It's one thing for your friends to say nice things about you, but it's a whole other thing when you get recognised for an international award. I was named the 2022 Speaker of the Year at the International Coaches Awards. 

I'd love to bring my knowledge and experience to your workplace or event as a speaker or trainer. If you want one-on-one help, allow me to help you be the best communicator you can be. 

Lessons from my ethnic lunchbox

My TEDx Talk at TEDxKatoomba (June 2023)

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How our words say more than you think

Video created as part of TED MasterClass Program


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TigerAir #GoLikeALocal 

Campaign featuring some of the best things to do in Hobart


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Purposely Podcast

Interviewed by Emily Jaksch for the Purposely Podcast

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Mark Notaras

As a specialist marketing agency, CulturalPulse was delighted to attend Theo's communication masterclass at Mumbrella 2022. Theo's ability to connect through concise, clear and confident communication, embodied the truism he shared that 'all of us are only as good as our ability to communicate'.

Brigid Wilkinson

I've known Theo for many years and have always been struck by his keen interest in supporting and mentoring others.  I recently attended a session with Theo as part of the Tasmanian Leaders I-LEAD program, where he spoke about public speaking and tips to overcome the nerves (which hey we all need!) His tone, content and humour were spot on and I can't wait to be in the room with him again soon!

James Ritchie

Theo was a panellist for us at one of our monthly Mindful Risk Community of Risk Management Zoom events which are professional development events aimed at risk and legal professionals. Theo is an energetic and well-spoken presenter who demonstrates a thorough and well-researched approach to the subject matter he presents. We would gladly have him join us as a speaker for future events and would recommend him for other keynote speaking events.

Rebecca Andrews

In the lead up to our internal engineering conference at Xero, we were lucky enough to have Theo work with our internal presenters through a workshop on public speaking and presentation skills. Theo’s delivery of the workshop was seamless and highly valuable. Theo has the ability to deliver his workshop and pass on his expertise in a safe yet effective manner. Our internal presenters learnt a lot, and gained a great amount of confidence through Theo’s workshop. The skills they gained from working with Theo really showed when the presenters delivered their presentations to a large audience. I highly recommend Theo as a public speaking coach and speaker.

Josh Griffin

Theo was a presenter on a webinar we ran for the Young Achiever Awards and he was amazing! Theo presented on public speaking tips for the Finalists in our Awards, setting them up for success to deliver clear and impactful winner acceptance speeches, at our awards night events around Australia.

Theo was engaging and gave an excellent presentation, I highly recommend him!

Joshua Sanerive

If you are nervous about speaking in public or you have a speech coming up whether it be in front of 5 people, 50, or 5,000 Theo is your man.

In one quick session Theo gave our team enough knowledge to speak confidently and articulate our business strategy to the masses as well as speak from the heart.

I cannot reccommend Theo enough and would sing his praises to anyone looking for some advice. Thank you from KSafe!

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