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Theo Kapodistrias 
Helping professionals and business owners to be seen, be heard, and make an impact through their voice and words. 

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Be Seen. Be Heard. Make an Impact.

I help professionals and business owners to be seen, be heard, and make an impact in their lives, their jobs, and careers through crafting and delivering messages that matter. 

As a speaker, trainer and public speaking coach, my goal is to help you show up, feel confident, and demonstrate your value through your voice and through your own words. 

If you've felt that you've been overlooked for opportunities or haven't had the confidence to speak up and share your ideas, my programs can help you.

My talks, coaching, and programs have helped people to feel empowered speaking and communicating - whether it was presenting, pitching, networking, conferences, or webinar - I'm here to support you to boost your reputation, progress in your career, and your voice to be heard.

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Combining coaching with Artificial Intelligence

My new service which combines coaching and the use of an artificial intelligence to help you to reach your public speaking potential. 

Learn how to be seen, be heard, and make an impact through your voice and through your own words with the power of a coach and technology. 

Craft Messages That Matter

Are you or your organisation interested in improving communication, being heard, and achieving goals.

My tailored presentations will assist you to reach further and deliver better results. 

I've developed a methodology that will assist to craft and deliver messages that matter and communicate to your full potential. 

The 5 C Methodology is used within many of my programs, and has become one of my signature keynotes and workshops. Check out the free download which outlines the key points. 

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Who have I worked with?

How our words say more than you think

Video created as part of TED MasterClass Program


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Purposely Podcast

Interviewed by Emily Jaksch for the Purposely Podcast

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TigerAir #GoLikeALocal 

Campaign featuring some of the best things to do in Hobart


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