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How to Communicate with Difficult Customers

clients communication customers listen Apr 15, 2021
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This article was originally published in The Australian Retailer April-May 2021 edition.

The retail sector was rocked throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Almost as if every day was Christmas Eve (except more terrifying with the mysterious virus taking over our lives), our supermarkets, convenience and grocery stores were filled with panicked shoppers and panic purchasing. Shopping trollies were filled to the brim with canned food, toilet paper, soap, and other essential items. The smell of hand sanitiser filled the air and it almost covered the scent of stress and distress in our stores.

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About the author:

Theo Kapodistrias is a multi-national award-winning lawyer and keynote speaker, trainer, and public speaking coach. He is passionate about community involvement and holds several voluntary positions, including as the Executive Director of TEDxHobart. His keynote speaking, training, and advising business is designed to help professionals and business owners to be seen, be heard, and make an impact through their voice and through their words

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